Rochester welcomes the announcement of The Housing Council at PathStone, Inc.

The two organizations join together to meet ever-growing housing need

ROCHESTER, NY (September 13, 2013) - The Board of Directors of The Housing Council and PathStone Corporation announced a permanent affiliation between the two organizations, effective October 1, 2013, at a press conference on Friday.  The creative, mission-driven partnership enhances both organizations’ abilities to offer quality housing related services to communities throughout Western New York.

Aligned in their missions, both The Housing Council and PathStone Corporation view homeownership and access to safe, decent, affordable rental housing as cornerstones in supporting strong, self-sufficient families and developing vibrant communities. With a rich history in Rochester, NY, The Housing Council served over 8,000 households last year through a wide array of services, including: landlord education, foreclosure prevention, pre-purchase counseling, emergency housing services and fair housing education.

Complementing the services provided by The Housing Council, PathStone Corporation operates a number of programs designed to increase the number of homeowners among low-to moderate- income families, including first-time homebuyer education and counseling, financial education and foreclosure prevention. The affiliation between the organizations will reduce competition for funding, increase service area, improve program performance and reduce administrative overhead.  ”These two organizations are important community assets and we know that this new collaboration will allow them to thrive and even more effectively offer service to the people of our community,” said Peter Carpino, president of United Way of Greater Rochester.

“Rochester and its surrounding neighbors are fortunate to benefit from a great many agencies with a mission of helping citizens live healthy and productive lives,” said Mayor Thomas S. Richards. “Part of that mission includes connecting people with housing that is safe and affordable. The new affiliation between PathStone and The Housing Council-two incredible partners in our community-will result in stronger programs, reaching more people across a larger geographic area.”

The negotiations and due diligence process between The Housing Council and PathStone Corporation were supported by the United Way of Greater Rochester’s Synergy Fund.  Through a grant from the fund, the United Way engaged the professional services of the New York Council on Nonprofits (NYCON) to serve as a neutral third-party facilitator, as well as to provide legal services.

Susan Boss will serve as Executive Director of The Housing Council at PathStone, Inc. “Ms. Boss has worked for PathStone Corporation for more than 15 years, serving as the director of the PathStone First-Time Home Buyer and Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling programs,” stated Stuart J. Mitchell, PathStone president & CEO.  ”She brings a wealth of direct program knowledge to The Housing Council at PathStone, Inc. and has served as an excellent bridge builder between the two organizations throughout the last year.”

“With the support of both boards, dedicated staff and the United Way of Greater Rochester, the affiliation process went very smoothly,” said Boss. “By combining the strengths of two organizations with similar missions, we are able to enhance and expand housing-related services within the Rochester community. Rather than duplicating efforts, we are serving more individuals than we ever would be able to do independently.”

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