Deputy for Information Technology

Rochester, NY

Position Summary

Responsible for maintaining technology equipment at all sites for all programs statewide and making recommendations for upgrades or additional needs. Responsible for installation and maintenance of Windows NT network, ensuring email capabilities state wide, web development for Division, administration and management of the PROMIS program, software updates and for helping with other statistical reporting requirements and IT training for the staff. Completes required program reports and submits to appropriate source.


Demonstrates through 8 years or more of training and/or experience specializing in Information Technology

Certification, NT Certification and experience. Position requires a working knowledge of computers and programming, ability to troubleshoot and resolve problems and ability to analyze and interpret data. Position requires automobile, driver’s license and insurance.


Maintain computers and other technology for all programs statewide, including onsite Computer Labs. Ensure key staff is trained in the usage of the internet and email statewide.

Prepare and compile program-related materials as needed.

Submit accurate reports in a timely manner.

Assist in formatting information.

Report to Deputy on the general status of the technology capabilities of the program.

Implement e-mail and its usage by (key or list specific positions) staff by way of dial-up service.

Ability to work one-on-one to understand and correct technical problems statewide.

Ability to communicate understandably with non-technological personnel.

Working knowledge of various programs.

Attend and participate in staff meetings.

Assure that all technology is in good working order statewide.

Assure that implementation of the Confidentiality Policy.

Recruits interviews and recommends contractors for hiring.

Recommends expenditures.

May conduct research and get bids for services or projects.

Develop and conduct training with prepared materials for other staff and parents statewide.

Understand all Head Start regulatory requirements, NFJP, Housing; EARN, etc., Corporate Plan of Action, PathStone requirements, and any other relevant rules, regulations, etc.

Position must often have prolonged exposure to computer display screen, bend and lift up to 60 pounds. Required to work indoors daily. Some exposure to individuals at a high risk of being infected with serious illness. Must be flexible and may work some evening hours.


PathStone provides a competitive salary and fringe benefit program. The position is available immediately.
Base salary has a significant range based upon demonstrated experience and qualifications.

Position is Year Round/Full-Time

To apply, please email a detailed cover letter and resume to:
Joshua Sankowski, Deputy of Housing Administration
PathStone Corporation
Address: 7 Prince Street
Rochester, New York 14607
Email address:
Phone: 585-340-3370

PathStone Corporation is an Equal Opportunities Employer

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